Tuesday, January 22, 2008

this is what i get for being cheap.

so you may remember wingman's enthusiasm over getting a new math book? and they were out, so we had to wait for them to order the new one?

well it's been awhile now and i would have already had it if i had just ordered it myself. but i ordered a text and a teacher's manual for the duke's new math book, too, so i figured i'd save myself the shipping by having our home school resource store order it.

and as a result of this brilliant financial move, i've spent the last two weeks making up my own math lessons for wingman. which isn't rocket science, i did it for a few years with the duke and it's first grade for crying out loud. but it's just one. more. thing. to. think. about. and. then. do.

and the whining. at least with the book when he's not into his math (which is very rare) it's the book's fault and even he senses there's no point whining at a book. when he doesn't want to do math and it's my activity/worksheet/project it's my fault and the whine is on.

yeah. that 6 bucks i saved was SO worth it.

today i gave him our tray of fake money and made him count out amounts of money using different combinations of paper money and coins.

god you'd have thought i told him to paint the house.

i came in to the room he was working in to him whining

"thhhiiiiiiiiisssss iiiisssss ttttoooooooo haaaaarrrdddd"

"says the kid who gets to sit in the sunny patch on the floor in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of winter eating birthday chocolate during math time"

"well, it is"

"is it really too hard, or do you just not want to do it?"

"i don't want to do it and that mmmmmaaaaaaaaaakes iiiiitttt toooooooooo hard"

"well maybe if you actually did it, you would see it's not too hard?"

"it IS too hard"

"says the kid who hasn't even tried. cry me a river. now do your math"

good lord i went right to the phone and called the store. the owner said tomorrow or the next day for the book. she must have heard some note in my voice or must have some experience with on the edge homeschooling parents because she said real slow and deliberate like

"don't worry. i assure you we'll call you. it's gonna be here soon!"

it had better be. or else i'll have wingman counting out the change necessary to take the bus to the home school resource store and hang out there until it does.


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gojirama said...

Oh my gosh. I have heard so much of the "iiittt's tooo harrrdd" today. Thing is when they decide to do it, it takes them 10 minutes.