Friday, January 04, 2008

and people wonder why i consider red wine the fifth food group.

so wingman finished his math book on monday.

on his own, in his bed, before getting out and before everyone else was awake, i might add. he must have taken it to bed with him just for this purpose. we can only hope this enthusiasm continues.

anyhow, since monday he has been bugging me to go to the home school resource store for the next book.

we couldn't go monday. tuesday was a holiday and they were closed. wednesday we had school and errands and piano in the opposite direction. thursday i got some fever of unknown origin and after school took the rest of the day "off".

so that leaves today. and this morning before the sun was up he was right at my face asking to go and get his new math book.

fine. let me wake up.

how about now?

let me have coffee.

what about now?

let me have breakfast and check e-mail.



not 5 minutes ago i said

"hey wingman, go get dressed and we'll go get your new math book, okay?"

"do i have to come with you?"

oh. my. god. seriously?

is he gaslighting me or what?

all i'm sayin' is it's a good thing i'm already nuts because i might have a bone to pick with him otherwise.

in other news, my father once told the duke that a boy was ready for a knife when a boy knows how to whistle.

this has been something the duke held on to for about the last year.

guess what boy knows how to whistle now?

guess what boy just got a knife?

more adventures to come, i'm sure.


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