Monday, January 21, 2008


yesterday we went into the big city to celebrate wingman's 7th birthday. he wanted to choose something for his birthday from the big cool toy store downtown and just walk around.

when we were on the ferry the duke of fun was trying to convince him of something that wasn't true. so wingman said

"you're just pulling my goat!"

either he's been watching too much borat, or what he meant to say was you are pulling my leg or you are just trying to get my goat.

whatever he does, that kid keeps us in stitches.

we are right in the thick of school, finishing several books and starting new ones. it's right about now i'd like to take a break and right about now that is never possible. though i have to say, even though it represents more work on my part, there is still something a bit thrilling in starting a new book for school.

the idea of "possibility" never really gets old.

well, i'm off. may your week go well and your goat not get pulled.


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