Wednesday, January 09, 2008

from the test kitchen.

so wingman wants to invent a recipe. he's been thinking about it a lot today.

just awhile ago he came up to me and said

"what about i take like ground meat and some carrots and some milk and some cheese and i mix it up and cook it?"

"well, without the cheese, that sounds very close to a mixture for swedish meatballs. remember, like we had at ikea?"

"oh yeah. darnit!"

so he went away and came back later and said

"okay what about like cheese and i mix it with like some liquid and put some bread around it and like put it in a bowl and cook it in the microwave. or the oven?"

"that sounds a lot like a dish called welsh rabbit. there's no rabbit, though. it's a melted, cooked cheese sauce that is poured over a thick slice of toasted wheat bread and eaten with a knife and fork."


i gave him the cookbooks i got from the library for him to come up with a menu for us to make for dinner, but he's not having any part of it. he's determined to make up a recipe, cook it, and have us eat it.


oh well, if i could eat the undercooked chicken as a STAUNCH VEGETARIAN just because i didn't want to offend the 90 year old woman serving it to me lo those many years ago then i can do this.

wish me luck and an abundance of wine.


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