Monday, January 07, 2008

i really don't know clouds at all.

the boybarians and i studied clouds and weather at the beginning of fall.

yesterday on the way to the store we went through a bank of fog and i just couldn't remember what kind of cloud could sit on the ground and be fog.

the boybarians remembered, but my addled brain couldn't.

so i made myself a little cloud primer, and now i will share it with you.

STRATUS~ in latin means layer. can sit on the ground and be fog.

CUMULUS~ in latin means heap. cotton ball clouds when sunny, menacing clouds when stormy

CIRRUS~ in latin means hair. high, wispy, feathery clouds.

and now i hope you don't have that judy collins song stuck in your head all day.

in other news, the duke found an old letter he got a few years ago.

he comes running in and says all excitedly

"mama, look how old this letter is! i mean, look! a 37 cent stamp! that's old!"

dear lord, please just find me a quiet spot to park my walker and ride out my child's adolescence.


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