Monday, January 14, 2008

if i ever invite you over for gumbo, say you're busy. trust me.

so the little black kitty did not go for the rabbit. no how, no way.

in fact, all the cats turned their noses up at it except the hefty siamese. who licked the bowl clean after finishing his own dinner and now has taken to hanging around the kitchen even more than he used to.

what a surprise.

now what am i going to do with all that ground up rabbit in my freezer? i can't feed it to just the siamese because he's gonna get used to it and i don't want to put up with him being all sassy about the regular food when the rabbit's all gone.

what the hell, i've already got two placentas in there. along with about 8 years worth of unidentifiable frozen items. what difference will 2 lbs. of ground up rabbit make?

fyi for any of you who come to my to bring along your own ice if you're prone to a delicate stomach about dead ground up animals, organs that used to be inside my body, or bags of vegetables and what appears to be the gumbo i made in '03 frozen within an inch of their lives sharing space with the ice cubes meant for your cool and refreshing beverage.

in other news, wingman turns seven this week. i'm not going to go into a whole big emotional tirade about how in the world my baby could already be seven and all that but just assume that's all implied.

the real story here is about the duke. and what an incredibly loving and generous and cool kid he's becoming.

sometime a few weeks ago he came to me and said he wanted to get wingman a birthday gift this year. he's never really given it much thought before, but this year he's determined. not only that, he's willing to spend his own money.

"and mama, i want to get a cool gift bag and a real birthday card"

so, with some leading questions and a recon. mission to a few stores, the duke has figured out what wingman really wants. he got his money together and had the lord of the ring to take him to this little store in the mall.

and good lord to have video taped his face when he came back.


he had them wrap the item at the store in a big gift bag with ribbons and tissue and he bought a card. after figuring out that wingman was safely engaged in the back of the house he came running across the yard with his gift and a big ol' smile. he was so proud. just beaming when he showed me the bag.

he also showed me the card before he filled it out. it's this 50's kid grinning over a huge table laden with all kinds of sweets. inside it says

Thankfully for little Robbie, this is the 1950's before we all knew enough to be concerned about cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Happy Birthday!

i can't pretend to know what goes through that kid's head. but i'm glad getting that gift for wingman brought so much joy to him. that really is very cool.

moving right along to a library funny.

there's a back way into the library. it involves an elevator or flight of stairs that end at the library's back door. when you open the door it opens in. and because it needs to be easy to open to suit all the patrons, when you push it open it automatically continues to open. then a few seconds later it automatically swings closed.

the problem is, there's a book shelf right where the door swings open. which is fine. unless one is standing in front of the book shelf looking for a book. and if one is unaware and standing right in the right spot looking for a book, or worse yet crouched down in the right spot looking for a book on the lower shelf then the door opens with a great smack right into your person.

and better yet, you'll never guess where all the feng shui books are shelved.


that's some bad juju right there.



shannon said...

I have know several Weston Price folk who only raw feed. bagged food is like McDonalds and kids. Seriously, if you have only fed your 6 year old McD's and suddenly offer him a lovely tossed salad with grilled chicken and a homemade viniagrette, he is goign to give you a "Bitch, please" look.

Going from tradition animal food to raw feeding will take some tough love.

All of the animals I know who are raw fed who have HAD regular food will come running like crackheads when they hear dried food rattling in a bag.

however, all of the raw fed cats I have met have had STUNNING! muscle tone. I am serious, I have never looked at a cat's muscle tone until meeting some raw fed cats. They are SLEEK and strong. It is incredible. PLUS! thier poop does not stink AND they do not have the bulk to thier stools. (you know I HAD to add something about poop!)

Anyway...dont throw the rabbit out with the chub.

x. said...

thanks for the pep talk. i've actually tried raw with this one before (less gross chicken based) and it didn't take either.

i feed them all a low carb, grain free, high quality protein diet. "what you feed when you can't feed raw" it says on the bag.

but, it's not raw. and she's not that into that food either.

but, i know i know. though it's not easy i should keep at it.

just like everything else, if it's not difficult, time consuming, and potentially dangerous, then why bother, huh?


Veloute said...

I swear I have gumbo of a similar age in my big freezer. Actually, it's "gumbo base" but it needs to meet the compost bin. I keep thinking, oh, I'll eat it for lunch. Mmmm.

Just one placenta.

No ground rabbit.

Colored ice from last winter for an outside project we never did.

I'm not sure what else is in there except a lot of frozen fruit and various stocks.

Happy birthday, Wingman! The story about his brother gave me a huge smile.