Friday, January 11, 2008

little bunny foo foo hopping from the freezer.

so wingman came up with a viable recipe.

and while i am certain it's not "original" he doesn't know that and it is creative.

cookie dough pizza
by wingman

you take one batch of sugar cookie dough and roll into to one big cookie

bake it in oven

when it's cool spread the top with yellow frosting (for the cheese)

then sprinkle chocolate chips on top (for the pepperoni)


you can sprinkle yellow sprinkles on top if you want to. for more cheese. or you don't have to.

not bad. i'm a little concerned about the stability of such a large sugar cookie, and the frosting on top of a sugar cookie sounds tooth shatteringly sweet, but hey, he doesn't need to know any of that.

and good lord at least it's not one of the many meat, milk, microwave combos he was favoring early on.

in other wingman doins', he's decided to make up his own "bad words" which he then uses on a regular basis.

his latest one is "holybob"

"it's a really bad word. i won't use it too often"

and if there's anything else to say about that i don't know what it is.

and finally we come to our little black kitty. i could go on and on about the issues we have with this kitty. but she is so darned sweet i'll just leave it at "issues" and not talk shit about her. and trust me when i say shit, i'm not just being jerky and potty mouthed.

so in my research and attempt to find the best way to treat her condition i am at the stage of experimentation with a raw food diet for her.

you may remember my earlier brush with the consideration of a raw food diet for cats?

well now i am considering it for just the one cat. which provides its own logistical nightmares for feeding a pack of cats when one is having something different from all the others, but i need to get my kitty well.

so, in that spirit yesterday i went and picked up my whole ground up rabbit. frozen in a 2 pound chub.

and, if the rabbit doesn't suit her, why they've got quail too! actually, they've got chicken and venison as well, but the rabbit and the quail are the only animals they have that are ground whole. bone, organ, skin, etc. so the nutrients are complete for an obligate carnivore. (cat)

you defrost the chub in the fridge over night, parcel out the servings into individual plastic bags, put all the individual plastic bags into a freezer safe bag/container and just remove the servings you'll need for the next day the day before to the refrigerator for defrosting.

when you take a serving out of the fridge at feeding time, you run the bag under gently warm water for a brief time. enough to bring it to room temp, no hotter.

basically you are heating the raw meat to the temperature of a freshly killed rodent.


you put this deliciousness into a bowl and she eats it.

(as an aside, i bet she doesn't eat it. i just bet she. won't. go. for. it. but that's just my natural sunny optimism peeking out to say hello)

you toss out whatever she doesn't finish and wash up the bowl right away.

yeah. oh, yeah, i have this kind of time just sitting around waiting for a kicky new fun project.

i don't.

but, i chose to keep this animal and thus i am responsible for her. and she is ill and i will do whatever i can to help her. raw rabbits and all.

plus, let's face it, you can't buy material like this for a blog.

and lucky me, just when i was running out of things to write about.


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