Tuesday, January 29, 2008

business etiquette 101.

a bedroom furniture primer
by sillymortalmama

dresser is english.

chest of drawers is british.

near as i can figure, they distinguish the two here by referring to the low and long piece with or without attached mirror as a dresser. with the tall and narrower piece being called the chest of drawers.

or chester drawers if you must and no one taught you better.

in other news, i finally got the call to pickup wingman's math books (one text, one workbook) and the teacher's manual for the duke's new math book.

not only did i have to wait THREE TIMES AS LONG to receive said books, she jacked the prices up by nearly 25% from what i always have paid when ordering it!

(i have always ordered it full price directly from the publisher)

now, i'm all for shopping locally (though she is a franchise) but seriously! if you're gonna be more expensive, then have a good ready stock available in store or really fast shipping and get it to me! if you're gonna be all slow and shit, then don't jack up the price!

the whole act globally, shop locally thing is a two way street. we've all got to help one another out. no relationship, business or otherwise, should ever be taken for granted.

make it somewhat worth it to come to your store. don't make me suffer to patronize your business.

and while we are on the subject, i don't give a rat's ass if you're hungry or haven't had a break or whatever. i really don't want to deal with you while you have a plate of garlicky caeser salad with a big hunk of salmon on top it at the counter munching away between customers.

it's odd behavior in a place of business. okay you're hungry, but let's put it in perspective. a coffee, a luna bar, a smoothie, a handful of nuts, that kind of thing i can see tucked away and discretely nibbled or sipped on here and there.

but you're running a business lady, not hanging out in your living room, or lunching at the neighborhood bistro. don't make me watch you, hear you, and smell you eat your lunch.

especially if you're gonna charge me 25% more to do so.

new wine blog tonight. i'd do it now, but really, it's still the morning. a bit more bukowski than even i can muster.


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