Thursday, April 30, 2009

here in my car.

so we were driving to the ball park yesterday, again, just like we do nearly every day of the week, some days twice, when i heard the duke say as we turned a corner

"hey! that driver stopped at the light was drinking out of a wine bottle!"

to which i replied

"you're kidding?!? i doubt it was a wine bottle."

"it was, it was one of those big wine bottles!"

"well maybe it was a soda bottle?"

"mama, soda bottles aren't that big and made of green glass."

to which the lord of the ring replied

"honey, i think the kid knows what a wine bottle looks like. don't you?"

oh. yeah. he probably does.

then on the way home from the ball park, the duke was talking about a belated gift he got in the mail that day from grandma. it was a put together model of a WWII tank.

"so on the phone she said it was a german tank but it's really a sherman tank. which is way cooler because it's just like the one they have in kelly's heroes." (one of his all time favorite movies)

"well, you might have heard wrong. or she was confused. it's not like she was there."

to which the lord of the ring said

"well, she was born in ____ (exact date left out to protect the innocent) right about the end of it. but no, she wasn't there."

it was quiet for a minute then wingman piped up and said matter of factly

"grandma was born before jackie robinson broke the color barrier. and before the end of the negro league."

so there you have it. what it's like to be in the car with the sillymortalfamily. and that's not even a trip on the freeway, or any way for that matter, when i'm not driving. when i'm not in control of the car and my anxiety and fear of being a passenger kicks in high gear. which is a whole 'nother level of fun.

so if you ever need a ride somewhere, consider yourself warned.

and if you can't figure out by now how old grandma is then i can't help you.


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