Wednesday, April 01, 2009

your moment(s) of zen.

sometimes on tuesday evenings, after wingman goes to bed, i let the duke watch america's funniest home videos.

he loves this show. loves! it!

i. do. not. love. this. show.

it's hokey and dorky and the clips are mediocre if not sometimes totally offensive OR just plain sad. like the age old one that millions of people seem to send in of a toddler afraid of their own shadow. so as the kid is screaming and crying trying to run away from their shadow the parent keeps filming and the studio audience is laughing. it's sad.

pets are a big favorite. pets pretending to sing, pets dressed up, pets humping trees. you know, the usual funny stuff.

mostly the clips are of boys and men doing really dumb things involving wheels and ramps and gravity. or an outdoor chicken fryer. and what i love about the duke is inevitably as one of these clips are starting i'll hear him mutter

"oh, that looks safe."

and there are ALWAYS at least 10 trampoline mishaps in some montage. ALWAYS. if i owned a trampoline company i'd be begging the show to knock off the trampoline videos. seriously. i might have to get my lawyers involved. you know, if i really owned a trampoline company. which, you know, i don't.

but occasionally there will be one video clip that just gets me laughing and i can't stop. like nearly pee my pants laughing. and when i do that (laugh, not pee my pants) i realize that that may be the first time i've really laughed in a long time.

because you know when you're really laughing. and you can feel it flood your body and just pump nothing but goodness all the way through.

good for the soul, good for the heart, good for life.

i wish i could laugh like that every day. and i find it really sad that i don't.

it is in that spirit that i present to you the following video clip. i can't guarantee it will make you nearly pee your pants, hell, i can't guarantee it will even make you laugh. BUT i think it's funny, and if nothing else, it's a little break in your day.

(it's about 6 mins, and it's a little slow going at first. but it's worth it)


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