Friday, April 17, 2009


so the sick little buddy is getting better. he was able to keep down some water, then a little gatorade (eww. gatorade. but i'm a believer in giving the sick what they crave and it does replace some of what was lost in the "process.") then some soup.

this morning he had a little cereal. he's got a bit of a fever, but seems to be out of the woods in terms of the "bathroom" issues.

man, spontaneous diarrhea really sucks. dude.

right now he's sleeping and when he wakes up i promised him he could watch star wars.

and, so far, knock on wood, the rest of us haven't been affected. i bleached every centimeter wingman ever touched with any part of his body the second after he touched it, twice, and loaded us all up with vitamin c and lots of water in MEGA doses. if nothing else, we sure won't be candidates for scurvy any time soon.

in other news there's not much other news. our schedule is getting full and busy with baseball and school. we go to the middle of june for baseball and to the end of june for school. AND even though it's still only april, it feels like things are SPEEDING!

these are the days i have to remember to stop. stop and appreciate the moments. this time. these boys. like i mentioned before, i'm getting betther at that but i still have to remember to remember that these are the days worth savoring. these "regular" days, one flowing into the other, seemingly endless. these are the moments and the time i'll look back on fondly when i'm living yet another life in this one beautiful life.

moving right along i'm ready for some BBQ weather! a nice long walk, a hike, some outdoor activity with the family then some sizziling meat on the grill and an ice cold beer in the yard to round out the day.

does it get any better than that?

i really don't think that it does.

and the lord of the ring's weather boyfriend promises that this weekend will be practically "torrid" temperature wise so i'm stoked!


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