Monday, February 11, 2008

the wife is always the last to know.

so the duke of fun and the lord of the ring made it to the caucus on saturday.

wingman and i were going to meet them there, but we got a late start, got lost, and then couldn't find parking. by the time we were circling for the fifth time, the lord of the ring called from inside to say registration had closed.


we went for donuts and paid a visit to the wine shop instead.

so, long story short, the lord of the ring is now an alternate delegate for our precinct.

only, in telling me about the caucus, he didn't mention that little detail.

so later, his mother called and we were chatting about the caucus and she said "so i hear my son is a delegate" or something to that affect.

i couldn't figure out what she was talking about and just figured she had no idea about what went on in a caucus. even though SHE herself had just been to one. (note to self: get mother in law omega-3 oils and some brain exercising puzzles)

so i get off the phone and say

"i don't think your mother understands what a caucus is"

"why do you say that?"

"she was just talking to me about you being a delegate or something like that. i don't know, but i don't think she gets it"

"oh. no, she does. i am a delegate. well, an alternate delegate"

"what?!? what are you talking about?"

"for our precinct there are two delegates. if one of them can't make it, i'm the alternate"

"and you were going to mention this when?"

"i just spaced it. busy day"

"i can't believe you didn't say something earlier. what else are you not telling me?"

"well, i got two pairs of pants hemmed last week"

"what?!? by who? you've never gone to get pants hemmed before!"

"at the dry cleaners in town. it wasn't cheap either"

"it's like i don't know you at all"



gojirama said...

Oh my. This is good though, right, TLOTR in politics? But he shoulda told you BEFORE he did it.

x. said...

they picked the alternate on the spot. so he couldn't have told me. plus, i was busy choosing wine at the wine shop. even if he could have told me, best not to disturb the little lady at work. LOL!


Shannon said...

this is funny.

glad to have re-come across your blog x!