Tuesday, February 19, 2008

one more chance NOT to read the hobbit.

so, i hurt my back.

i bent to pick up a pillow and BOOM! my back just spasmed and went.

it's only been in the past year i have had trouble with my back. it's always been my neck. but since i've been working on my neck and have had little trouble with that this year, my lower back seems to have taken my neck's pain and claimed it as its own.

anyhow, it's been terrible. the lower back is a very inconvenient place to be injured. i can't sit or stand or lie down without being in pain.

walking is an exercise in horribleness for me and hilariousness for those around me. i look exactly like fred sanford, only more stooped over.

we have one recliner that gives me support and comfort. so i've largely been planted to past few days.

the duke says i should get a motorized chair.

"you know, mama, a rascal. like those oldsters drive"

and isn't it funny how when you can't be active, you are physically unable to be active, is when you most want to eat piles of cheese and gallons of wine and buckets of fried food?

darwinism takes a holiday.

anyhow, this week is another busy week. with the added benefit of the duke of fun leading our home school group's first book club.

and what does he choose? the hobbit. i've spent 36 years NOT reading the hobbit and now i have to. and i haven't started yet. i hear it takes forever to read. and since i've got all of two days to read it, i suppose i ought to start it.


wait? WAIT! isn't there a movie?

there's a movie! i'm almost sure of it! of course i'd have to watch it when the duke's not around.

now all i've got to do is rascal my way down to the video store and i'm good.

whew. that was close.



Shannon said...

I don't want to read the hobbit either.

gojirama said...

I'm sorry to have to do this to you...but the boy read it when he was 5. Without help. In 3 days.