Monday, February 25, 2008

@#$%!* hobbit!

so due to some screwy mix-up, book club is this week, not last.

having found this out last week just in time, i was able to abandon my worries about the hobbit. for the moment.

then, i got sick on friday and saturday. and having exhausted my supply of library books at that point, i begrudgingly cracked open the hobbit.

oh, and wouldn't you know in this house we have FOUR copies to choose from. so i chose the handsomely illustrated one thinking it would help. it didn't.

the first page was all this and that and runes and symbols and maps and blah blah blah. i was lying in bed in my room when i said aloud

"thorin oakenshield. oh. great. this oughta be good"

when all of a sudden i hear piping up from what i thought was the boybarian's empty room

"WHAT! you're only on the first page?!?"

the duke of fun. leader of this month's book club. chooser of the hobbit. has read the book, but read it again anyway for the club. is finished with the book, has been for a week. is irritated and incredulous.

oops. so i say

"well, now, i read fast. i could probably finish it today if i wanted to. which. i .don't. besides, honey, you have to understand, it's really not my cup of tea"

so he comes into my room, hands on his bony little hips all fired up

"well, why did you even join the book club if you weren't even going to read the book! gah!"

and then he left.

well that's not fair! i AM reading the book! sure, yeah, the book we were supposed to have discussed two days prior so i guess technically i should have already maybe started.

except i found out we had another week! doesn't that count for something!

kids these days, i swear.


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