Monday, February 04, 2008

what 4 bucks gets ya nowadays.

you know you live in a smallish weird kinda place when you go to the local symphony orchestra concert to hear a little beethoven and you are confronted with a sign in the lobby of the high school performing arts building that says

WRESTLING ------->

SYMPHONY <-------

in others news, we had a young friend spend the night on saturday, and as he lives across the pond he needed to be ferried home on sunday. the duke, wingman, and the lord of the ring all went.

while on the ferry, the duke split the 4$ he had with the friend and wingman so that they could all have a turn playing the video game and then spent the last dollar on a vending machine snack he split three ways.

the lord of the ring reported he did this all on his own, without prompting, and was more than happy to do so.

i was so impressed, i told him so and said i would like to give him the 4$ back from my own wallet just for being so generous. i know he's saving (or trying to) for stuff so i just thought it would be a nice gesture.

so i gave him the 4$ and not two hours later he came up and told me he'd like to put the money into our tzedakah box (charity) instead of keeping it.

and these are the simple moments that remind me to let out that breath i always forget i'm holding because he's gonna be just fine.



gojirama said...

Oh my gosh. That sounds like my hometown in Podunk PA, except we wouldn't have the smphony part.

Tamara said...

now if they had (silent) wrestling AT the symphony, that'd be damn classy.