Wednesday, February 06, 2008

and by enthusiasm she meant crazy.

so i write my wine blog at night because i have to "review" the wine. and call it what you will, any amount of "reviewing" during the day just becomes the makings of an after school special.

so i was writing my blog last night when the phone rang. i don't like to answer the phone when i'm writing because it is a major distraction and i can only half pay attention and because i'm distracted and inattentive i sound to the caller like i am drunk.

then you add wine blog "reviewing" to that and well, you get the picture.

so i checked the caller id just to see if it was "important" and i noticed the number looked a lot like my sister's husband's number and i thought that odd because he never calls me directly and so i answered it.

i was slightly manic-y answering because i thought something might be wrong with my sister and i was still one half of my brain in my blog and a glass into my "review"

it wasn't my sister's husband.

it was the summer camp the duke goes to. a very perky girl was letting me know they were having their fund drive for donations for kids whose parents can't afford all the cost of camp.

i didn't tell her sure! sign me up for the donations! seriously, that camp ain't cheap!

but i listened to her spiel and then she let me know the duke had been in her unit and what a cool kid he was and all chatted me up so i chatted her back still half in my writing and still one glass into my "reviewing" and the call came to a close with her saying

"okay, we'll send you some paperwork and you can look it over and think about whether you want to donate or not. and um, thank you for your, um, enthusiasm"

and you know right then in the duke's camp file next to "mother's name" she was writing crazy!!

double underlined.

in other news, last night while following the super tuesday results i was watching an interview with huckabee who was doing rather well for himself vote wise.

the interviewer said something along the lines of "what do you attribute to your success to? what do you think mccain's campaign has to do with this?"

huckabee responded with something like

"this has nothing to do with anything other than more people voted for me than voted for the other guy. it's a simple as that and it has nothing to do with any other campaign. i got the most votes, i got the state"

you go there mike! i cannot stand when political pundits get all pundity. so huckabee got more votes than mccain? why does he have to defend that? or explain himself? or comment on the strategy and campaigns of everyone else as it relates to his surprise success?

all right enough of that, i've got a big day and i've got to get crackin'!

and by big day and get crackin' i mean it's time for a cup of coffee and spelling. then grammar. then perhaps another cup of coffee.

why nobody shoves a microphone into my face and grills me on my success i'll never figure out.


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