Friday, February 15, 2008

friday still means something somewhere in the world.

this has been a long and busy week.

the duke was sick. the WORST sick person ever! there's nothing worse than someone lying around the house moaning "i NEED sushi!" "can we order mexican food?" "could you make me something to eat? like a burger with french fries? or some indian food?"

he's an insatiable bottomless pit of specific food need when he's sick. i am so glad he's a boy and therefore i will never have to experience him pregnant.

then the duke got better.

then we went on a field trip.

that's about it.

except now it's the weekend. if only friday signaled the beginning of some downtime like it used to.

the lord of the ring returns from his business trip, we've got to count birds for the great backyard bird count and have a birthday party across the pond. then there's family movie night and weekend cleaning.

if only getting sick meant i'd get a break i'd try it.

in the meantime there's a new wine blog up and i've got a few waiting in the wings. if you end up trying any of the bottles, leave a comment with your thoughts. i'd love to know what you think.

enjoy your friday!



gojirama said...

I know what you mean, mama. remember when pam had the ankle surgery and looked forward to it because being in the hospital got her a break?

x. said...

wow. yeah. hmmm?

kidding! i don't think i could break a bone on purpose just to get a break! or could i?

;) x.

gojirama said...

No. I tried to break my wrist in 9th grade to get out of the mandatory PE square dancing and couldn't do iy. That made parenting look like cake.