Thursday, August 30, 2007

wedded bliss sillymortalstyle.

on the way camping, as we are exiting the freeway on our way to the second of our ferry rides for the day we passed a building right there practically on the off ramp...the lord of the ring says

"hey, we've eaten there before"

"god i hope not"

"what? i don't think it was all that great, but we've definitely been there before"

"oh, i'm fairly certain i would remember eating somewhere called the 'cocusa motel and restaurant'"

"well, we did you ju-...oh, yeah, it wasn't you"

see, i know i have a bad memory...but maybe, just maybe, occasionally it's a convenient excuse for others just not wanting to remember their own sordid or boring or not worth mentioning pasts...

or maybe he just honestly mixed me up with the perpetually stoned addicted to long drives and antique shopping trustafarian millionaire ex-girlfriend...

it certainly beats the time he accidentally called me "sherzy"...which is not even a real word or thing and as near as i can tell was an amalgamation of the names of two old girlfriends and mine...

but i really have no room to kvetch because as soon as they catch up with it and put two and two together the lord of the ring will be paying my ex-husband's nearly 15 year old tax bill.


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