Thursday, August 09, 2007

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

wingman is just like his father.

in many ways, actually.

and in one way in particular.

yesterday morning wingman said

"i had one of those bright red apples with my breakfast"

"oh, i thought you didn't care for them?"

"no, i like them"

"but, you said yesterday they didn't taste very good?"

"i just can't stop eating them!"

and there you have it.

for the lord of the ring it was a leopard print cat suit and heels and the next thing you know he's squiring her around europe and paying for it, and for wingman it's a waxed within an inch of its life chemically enhanced deep red skin and the next thing you know he's chomping tasteless apples and liking them.

temptation my ass.

eve knew exactly what she was doing and the snake was just the fall guy.

and then there's adam.

poor sot never knew what hit him.


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