Tuesday, August 21, 2007

slightly worn and used in that been around 36 years and bothered by humanity for most it kinda way.

so i was trolling an online site for a new/used desk.

i can't say why people continue to amaze me...but they do.

end table-$20

It is very burly and attractive for the family room.

because i like my home furnishings like i like my men, burly and attractive.

and along the same vein

white metal cabinet-$25

It has been referred to as both handsome and adorable.

by the way, both pieces, sold by different people, were equally ugly...and both people obviously are straddling that fine line between describing the things that want to sell and anthropomorphising their furniture...

maybe those ads are in the wrong spot...if you know what i mean.

moving right along...


yeah. okay, so even new furniture from ikea can barely be called mint.

oh don't get all defensive!...my future bookshelves are all coming from ikea!...i'm just sayin' is all!

an ad for an ugly coffee table with some odd attached basket had the following in its text

My fiancee's stupid cat did use it as a scratching post once or twice.

by the looks of the gouges either the "cat" is actually a lion, or it was more than "once or twice"...

and i'm no psychologist, but "my fiancees stupid cat" doesn't bode well one of the parties involved...and let's just say the cat probably has nothing to worry about.

staying in the table department


I'm not sure what kind of table this is, but it fits nicely next to my couch.

well, for starters, between you and me, it's an "ugly" kind of table...and what a weird description..."i don't remember his name, but we looked cute at the prom"...sure lady, it fits nicely next to your couch, but what about my couch, huh!...did you ever think of that!

i don't think she really wants to sell the ugly table...her fiancee probably wants her to.

green dresser-$75

nice deep droors

i don't even want to know.

and one of my absolute favorites

7 Foot Sofa-$100

Very comfortable and easy to get up from.

there's just. too. much. to work with here...this must be what stephen colbert feels like on a daily basis.

okay so i should be getting ready for camping and not sitting here making fun of people and their ugly furniture and weird descriptions.

it does make me wonder what the personals section looks like though.

on second thought, um, no it doesn't.



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