Wednesday, August 08, 2007

let's hope he remembers this little lesson when he's dating.

so wingman likes apples...we all do...all kinds of apples.

except for red delicious.

which are about as "delicious" as cardboard.

and because the goddess mother works as a small press hard cider maker we have a whole expanded outlook and appreciation of the apples available in this world...

and living where we do we have a lot of varieties to choose all the imports at our great market...i know, not local but available when others aren't, so there you have it...

in short, we do not buy or eat red delicious.

except the other day we were at the store and wingman's eye caught a charming basket enticingly tipped right at six year old eye level filled to the brim with ultra shiny and gleaming red delicious apples...and in that just right for a six year old's palm size...

and a sweet hand lettered sign that said crispy & sweet!

he was a goner...snow white never had it so bad.

"mama, let's get some red delicious apples"

"oh honey, remember there are other apples we like way better"

"i know, but they look sooo good...c'mon"

i know, it's all wax and lighting with these apples but he's hooked and there's a lesson here that won't involve sugar cereal, so there you have it...

"well, you're right, they do look good...if you're sure you may get a few"

"can i eat one on the way home?"

"sure, just wipe it real good on your shirt"

i know, not doing a bit of good in the cleaning department given the amount of wax and pesticides and handling but it makes me feel better and i figure he won't die, so there you have it...

so his little eyes are all lit up and he chooses four...and doesn't even say a word in the cereal aisle...

we get the groceries loaded and he's got his apple and not a minute after the first crunch i hear

"this apple isn't any good"

"oh, yeah?"

"yeah, the skin is crunchy but it has no flavor...well, it has a flavor, but it isn't very sweet...or good...and the inside is okay, but not very okay"

"well that's the deal with red delicious, they look so good but don't taste so good"

and he says with a little, slightly forlorn sigh

"'s like a trick"

indeed...and in so many more ways than your sweet little self can imagine.

and there you have it.


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