Monday, August 06, 2007

papa don't preach.

'cuz i'm keeping my babies.

yes, at the 11th hour i called mis! and let her know i just. couldn't. do. it.

the whole family loves those kitties and i just couldn't.

so we have 6 cats.

so it could be worse.

i guess.

anyhow moving right along, i still went on my trip, and i must post a retraction of my earlier statements regarding the dining habits of mis! and the georgia peach.

i stand corrected in a delightful way.

it turns out mis! hasn't done her tiny bottle trick in some time, and the georgia peach was all too willing to dine wherever...she drew the line at offal, but i was so not in the mood for "dirty food" either so that worked out quite nicely...

AND mis! has been to all the restaurants i have been wanting to go to! AND she orders 9 dollar glasses of wine like it's nobody's business!

when you've known someone over twenty years it's easy to forget that they actually grow over time and aren't exactly as you have them stuck in your head...that they are real live grown ups capable of acting like real live grownups...

until of course you ply them with drink and steep them in the lateness of the evening and learn things about them that you might just not have wanted to full and relishing detail...


anyhow, it was a lovely weekend filled with delicious food and drink and even more delightful company...and i got to sleep in and nobody yelled at me...

and now it's monday and back to school...and the reality that i indeed have 6 cats...cats who do love them some hunting...and have an endless supply with which to hone their skills...and open doors with which to more efficiently bring their catch to you...or to just bat it about in the kitchen for a bit.

yep, sounds just about right.


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