Wednesday, July 04, 2007

how to end a two year long discussion with a six year old.

wingman is still on me about having a baby...

you'd think two cats and their five subsequent kittens would suffice, but i guess i grossly misjudged that!

story of my life.

so this morning we are eating breakfast and he says for about the millionth time in the past two weeks

"mama, why don't you just have another baby?"

"i don't want to have another baby"


"because i have the two kids i want"

"but i want to be a big brother...and it could be a baby sister or a baby brother...i don't care...and then i would be in the middle!"

oy. he's obviously not gotten that memo.

"well, you can be a "big cousin" to your little cousins...and that's WAAAYYY more fun, because if you're a big enough brother to a baby sister or baby brother you've got to help out a LOT"

"i would help!"

"yeah, well you'd have to hold the baby when i couldn't...and help feed the baby...and change the baby's diapers...even if they poop"


disgusted look.

"i am NOT wiping *ANYONE'S* poopy bottom"

and that was that...

and perhaps that was harsh as i sure wouldn't expect wingman to change a baby's diapers...

but i also expect i won't be hearing much about being a big brother in the future either...


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