Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the dog ate my serotonin.

reasons i've been MIA: (in no particular order of importance)

suffered a bout of depression.

recovered/ing from illness.

trying and not succeeding in placing kittens in new homes.

hot and sweaty.

what i'm doing now:

i've got a head pain that's been going on over a month now.

i've got a follow up appointment today with my doctor re: my recent illness as i don't think i'm 100% back to health. bah.

we've got this week and next and then we're back to school. curriculum sorting and planning.

my birthday is on friday.

oh, and apparently i'm jewish.

but more on that later.


1 comment:

kkr said...

Happy Early B-day, Mama!
School? Already?
What's up with that?!!!!
The dog REALLY ate my lithium once. He lived.
Every chihuahua should probably have lithium now and then anyway (sorry, PETA!). They are damn neurotic dogs!!!