Wednesday, July 18, 2007

can u feel the love.

me: the billing clerk at my doctor's office said my co-pay is the highest she's seen.

him: remember, we picked that co-pay so we'd have lower monthly payments.

me: well, it's a big ass co-payment.

him: okay, if we find that you're going to the doctor like all the time we'll change it.

me: if we find that i'm going to the doctor all the time you should just shoot me.

him: oh, honey, i couldn't do that.

me: i know.

him: i mean, that's illegal. i could go to jail.

me: not to mention that you'd miss me, mr. romance.

him: yeah, that. too.


1 comment:

kkr said...

O.k. That is great. As in, fabulous writing and SO my dh!!!

ah, missin' you friend.
I've got to read more often.