Friday, June 29, 2007

1,000,096 degrees of separation.

so it seems anderson cooper and i are gym buddies.

check it out, i just read somewhere a quote by rufus wainwright who just happens to go to the same gym in nyc as the coop...and he was saying something along the lines that the coop should just come out of the closet already because everyone knows he's gay and he goes to a gay gym blah blah blah...part of the quote giving him shit was

"i see him with these five pound weights....blah blah blah"

and i was like OMG *i* use five pound weights too!

it don't take much i tell ya when you're living in your head and there's zero oversight.

anyhow, schools's out for the summer...well, for july at least...we go back at the beginning of august but are all looking forward to the break...

the duke heads to camp next week and i've got some fun things planned for wingman while he's gone...

meanwhile, let's hope the duke finds his underwear and practices better foot hygiene this time around...a mother can only hope.

enjoy your friday!


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