Friday, June 22, 2007

she is risen.

i'm alive.

after last friday's festivities the head pain just would not. go. away. so it took just one more doctor's visit, one facial x-ray, one mri with injected contrast dye, 6 percocets, and one prescription for antibiotics the size of a purse dog later to be mobile and upright...

just in time to clean the house.

and wonder how in the hell the crappy sugary breakfast cereal made it past my radar...i know i was cracked out on the hillbilly heroin upstairs, but i thought the invisible shield i had over the house would pick up the slack...

anyhow, apparently i have "sinus disease"...which sounds made up, but comes with a cure so that's all that matters...

that and i have no more pain and 9 percocets left.

cue the banjos, jimbob.


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