Monday, April 16, 2007

i guess this must be how joseph felt.

so, our new kitties, chico and the man?...well, the man finally made it back about 4 days after we came home with chico...she returned to her former apartment and we went and picked her up...

they are the bestest kitties EVER!...sweet, wonderful kitties...

except about 3-4 days after we got chico i noticed something was in she seemed a bit full, girth wise, and had some other *noticeable* signs of pregnancy...

yup. this *strictly* indoor kitty who did need to be fixed came to us in a fix...i took her to the vet and sure enough she was about a month along...good. lord.

i don't want to say they knew and didn't say anything, but i am a natural cynic...fuckers.

but i love chico and am glad she's with us...babies and all.

at least the man came to us fixed...

that was two weeks ago.

fast forward to late last week.

i started suspecting something was amiss with the in she seemed a bit full, girth wise, and has some other *noticeable* signs of pregnancy.

IMPOSSIBLE you say, as i did, she's FIXED!!

parasites? bloat?

we took her to the vet and sure enough she's pregnant...and no, she's never been fixed...and due about two weeks behind chico...

two pregnant cats.

i am having a very hard time, at this point, giving the benefit of the doubt to the former owners. double fuckers.

they had to have least that something was up...i don't think immaculate conception extends to the feline set...

anyhow, again, i love these kitties so i guess it was meant to be...i certainly am glad they are with us and not in the care of their former i guess it all worked out...

except for the fact that i didn't want an actual kitten to begin with and now i'll have a whole passel of them...figures.

the whole point of this acquiring of the kitties was to placate the boybarian's want of a new baby sister or with my next few months taken up with two pregnant cats and a subsequent house full of kittens, i'm thinking it would have just been easier to have a baby myself!!

kidding! lord, i am sooooooo kidding!!!

really!! REALLY!

great, just great.

now i've done it.


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