Tuesday, April 03, 2007

late evening. tuesday. fort building.

two handmade quilts pieced together, each from the idea of a new baby, each with fabric washed with colors taken from the best paintbox ever, and each stitched together with pure pure love from grandma as cover.

two larger than life teddy bears, chosen for their eyes and bow ties (i'm sure) from the other grandma. (so lucky these boybarians are to have two.) add in one larger than life gorilla named george. all three lately forgotten in favor of growing up, growing older...tonight they are, if not "center stage", the stars of the wings as they are critical *flanking* for a weaker side of the fort susceptible to enemies.

two glow in the dark with the touch of a button synchronized watches from pops (stoveman) set to whatever the setting is that connects the troops and furthers the mission.

one box of hot wheels for securing the flaps. heavy. sturdy. available. known.

a bowl of popcorn for necessary re-fueling after an evening of bowling and cousin visiting. not to mention the mission for which the fort is necessary in the first place.

two books, chosen only for grabbable proximity, as securing gear for top of fort to anchor on table.

che; a memoir by fidel castro
gardenhome; creating an urban haven a parting gift from the recent visit of our dear friends mis and lapu-lapu...

my open and currently being consumed bottle of local red table wine is just there on the table...if i didn't keep picking it up to refill my glass, because of its height and shape and visual interest it could become a crucial tool in the operation (and god laughed at the irony)...for now it has an inexplicable (to me) ring of hot wheels around that seems ever changing.

we are still here.


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