Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i'm calling steven spielberg's mom and asking for advice.

wingman and the duke have been making movies with the digital camera.

and seriously, i think a child psychologist would have a field day with the results.

the duke is mainly the cinematographer and wingman is his more than willing more than capable subject...OMG half the time it's like watching the coen brothers at work and half the time it's like watching an episode of jackass filming...wingman is whack, and the duke?...well the duke is the duke and it comes out in his work.

anyhow, they really get into it...especially the duke...he's got a good eye and knows how to get the best out of wingman...

so his 10th birthday is tomorrow and the lord of the ring and i decided to get him a small simple digital video camera and case...he is going to flip and i am happy to gift him with something creative and interactive...

except in viewing their films last night i realized what a BIG mistake this is!...they both film indiscriminate of background...they film and try to not get me in the mix, but hello i'm always here and so if you don't see me you certainly hear me and i'm usually screeching something in a decidedly unflattering manner or uttering my now famous tag line

"DON'T film me"

i cannot emphasize enough how i despise having my picture taken...let alone have actual moving footage taken...and you know they will be making a lot of films and what are films if you don't show them to other people?...people other than your family?...outside people?...THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!

what the hell was i thinking!

i must love the duke more than life itself or when they were passing out brains i was in the line that said "wine"...

his birthday is tomorrow and so you know what this means don't you?

i've got 24 hours to scour and redecorate the house and lose dozens of pounds AND the screechy bitchy mom voice.

and i thought giving birth to the little bugger was the hard part!


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