Monday, April 30, 2007

silly mortal politics.

so i sent the following letter to the editor today...who votes down money for the library?...fuckers, that's who!

i omitted identifying county names and such, but it should read just fine...

I am simply amused by the host of letters vehemently against the library levy lift. Everything from cries of nickel and dimming the residents of the county because the county just may need more operating money than a five year old voter approved annual increase in property tax revenue might provide, to absolute certainty that the library does not need any additional money to do its job. Despite the fact that the library specifically states that they need additional operating funds and clearly outlines why.

In a day and age when libraries are disappearing all over the country we should be proud and honored that we have as great a library system as we do. So over a quarter of County residents don't have a library card? One letter to the editor used this as a point in her argument against the levy. How ridiculous, because all it does is illustrate that nearly 75% of County residents do. Last I checked that was well over the majority and by a fine, cushy margin to boot.

Furthermore, the same writer suggested the money the library levy lift would raise would be better spent on feeding, clothing, and housing the residents of this county. All very fine notions, of course! Except why pit one against the other? Have we become so base a society as to suggest that self-education, intellectual pursuits, and exposure to ideas are luxuries? And how exactly do we figure out how to solve the problems life provides, like feeding, clothing, and housing the residents of our county for the long and definite haul if we are not first exposed to the wisdom and lessons history provides us, and the information and ideas needed in the act of problem solving?

The bottom line is it becomes less amusing and more appalling that our county would even consider voting down the library levy lift if we as responsible citizens stopped to consider our children. Our nation's kids are fat and unhealthy and addicted to video games. And will only become more so without other options and the means to self-education available. Schools are under increasing pressure to perform and produce and as a result have less and less room for what they deem as *extras*. Generally speaking intellectual pursuits and the arts. The availability of a good library picks up some of the slack, provides options and alternatives, and to some kids it can make all the difference in the world. Which then makes all the difference in our world as our children will one day be in charge of it.

I cannot imagine spending an extra 30 cents per $1000 dollars in a better way.

letters to the editor are a funny've got to say what you want but have to go about it in a *specific manner* or it won't get printed...i know this because i have never had a letter to the editor printed...well, i only tried that one time, but still! was a great letter!

basically if you sound like a politically aware 70 year old man it gets in...

i'll keep you posted.


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