Wednesday, May 20, 2009

you know it's going to be a long day when...

1. when you get woken up by a question shouted up the stairs to you, EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE, YOU KNOW, SLEEPING

"mama! what's a larvae?"

2. when you've resorted to forcing your child to pretend he is stranded on a desert island, WITHOUT HIS MOTHER, and therefore must answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION HIMSELF.

the information booth is closed.

the end of the school year is coming. not soon enough, but coming nonetheless. and if i remember anything from being a school aged lass myself, the wigglies are setting in. the mind of a child is not built for ignoring the shining sun, the chirping birds, a world just outside the door waiting to be enjoyed.

so i am easing up here and there on the schedule in favor of finishing just that little bit earlier each day, making just a little bit more room in the schedule for less scholarly pursuits.

mainly this just means they will go outside and play a game that's called "green ball catch." this is a game played with a ball that is neither green any more and in fact is currently on it's third round of duct tape, nor is it "catch" as much as it's a complicated version of baseball. and involves hurling the ball as hard and as fast as one can against the body of the other one.

as you can imagine it's great fun.

until they start arguing.

which starts about 5 minutes in.

and they want you to sit there and watch the WHOLE thing.

while they are simultaneously filming it.

a film they will insist that you watch later that day.

even though, and probably especially because, you were there for the real thing.

good times.

and well worth cutting out the extra language review and poem study for.


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