Friday, May 15, 2009


so i threw my neck out this morning.

it's been so long since i have it was just weird. like, what's that! ouch! oh, yeah.

after 20 years of dealing with chronic neck issues i finally discovered physical therapy. yeah, that was fun.


it taught me about strengthening my other muscles, especially my core, and how by doing so would help my neck issues.

and, it worked!

i mean i'm not "cured" or anything, just suffer less.

and now i know the one sure thing that throws my neck out is an over the head hands clasped stretch when i first wake up.

which i did today.


so i iced and did the ibuprofen and arnica yadda yadda yadda.

problem is i HAVE to drive today. have to. the duke has a special practice on one end of the county and wingman has a game on the other end. since they are both at the same time, the lord of the ring and i both have to drive.

hats off to all you single parents out there. forget all the rest of the shit you must deal with, the transportation maneuvering alone must be a bitch.

well, as you can imagine, driving is the WORST on a neck or back injury. and my choices are not very good for a car that won't be "so bad" to drive.

i have the 20 year old tuna can, a fine sporty car, but also a stick. in fact, oddly enough, i was driving this car the very first time my neck really went out. it had always threatened to over the years, but it finally did so in this car.

or i have THE BEAST.

you all know i love the beast. she is, and will remain, the shit.

but when you have a neck injury, driving the beast is a lot like walking a pack of pit bulls. the sheer weight of the vehicle coupled with the converted v8 engine makes it one hell of a ride.

unless, of course, you are in pain.

which i am.

and i really don't think my evening pain cure for a thrown neck, whiskey straight up and keep it comin', is really going to do while performing my chauffeur duties.

so. i will pack my ice pack, throw back the ibuprofens, and just pray no one makes any sudden vehicular moves in my direction while getting the duke to practice and back.

boy, there's a sentence that just caps off my parenting career thus far quite nicely don't you think?


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