Friday, May 08, 2009

why i love the duke of fun.

all right, so i know i said i wouldn't be writing about the duke so much now that he's 12 and he should have his right to privacy and his life should no longer be public fodder.


i will break that rule to share the following with you. because #1 it isn't about him as much as it's illustrating how amusing he is all. the. freakin'. time. you know, except when he's being a 12 year old first born son to an over doting mother taurus king of the world pain in the ass. and #2 because as a mother i'm allowed to make rules and break them. whenever i want. it's one of the perks.

so yesterday i noticed something propped up against the door. i opened it up to find a long cardboard box addressed to me. there was no return address, and so i was confused as to what it was or who it was from as i brought it inside.

and because we're all here all day long, together, the four of us, all day long, three meals, two snacks, one shared space, all day long and into the night until we get the brief respite of sleep, well, when someone brings a box into the kitchen you can imagine it's a huge deal. like when they discovered fire, or, you know, public school. or an office outside of the house. just sayin' is all.

"i don't know what this is or who sent it"

and right then the duke comes in from the back on his way upstairs and says in passing

"looks like that rifle you ordered finally came, mama"

and then kept going.

and that's why i love him. the king of the one liners. dry, hilarious, and aptly timed.

if i had half his gift, well, i don't think i could handle half his gift.

but there is a teeny tiny part of me that likes to believe he's a chip off the ol' block. or, at the very least, that i haven't fucked him up too badly.

and the box? the box was filled with a humongous bouquet of my very favorite flower from my very best friend in honor of mother's day.

and yes, i cried.


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