Friday, August 29, 2008

building, um, bridges.

so mccain picked palin.

a knee jerk reaction to the democratic convention and the hillary/obama situation and not a wise choice in my opinion.

if he thinks he's going to get the hillary vote i think he's sadly mistaken.

hillary supporters were for hillary. not just *any* woman will do just because she's a woman.

it doesn't translate that easily. the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits is a tougher nut to crack than that.

and sure, palin has her points going for her. unfortunately i think this is just a case of finding the body to fill the skirt. "progressive" as it is, she's still a republican. the sidekick to a flip flopping, bush loving, status quo supporter of all that is fucked up in this country. the sidekick to the guy who is running for a third bush/cheney term.

well when you put it like who in the hell cares that's she's a woman!?! who would sign up for that!

the feminist in me is not amused.

but, that dude is old. and not in the best of health. so perhaps the republican party could give us the first woman in the white house and perhaps the first female commander in chief.

stranger things...

it's at least, at the. very. least, somewhat of a bridge to the future. even if for the wrong reasons, it's a bridge.

fuck, poor hillary. damn if there's not always someone younger faster and prettier comin' up on her heels! everywhere she turns! and this latest one an actual beauty queen!

she just can't catch a break.


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