Monday, August 11, 2008


we made it through the first week of school and now we are on to our second.

it seems to be going well. there's been no breaking down in tears, hysterical fits, or running away.

and the boybarians seems to be doing okay also.

buh dump bump.

there's still plenty more summer to be had, but i definitely am more and more feeling the shift towards a new season.

it's so funny how we can't wait for summer! then we can't wait for fall! for christmas! for spring!

hurrying through the last, and sometimes best, bit of each season in favor of relishing the beginning of the next. shiny shiny! we love the shiny and new.

silly. mortals. indeed.

and it's a good thing this earth exists with seasons playing such a huge part in civilization. because imagine if there weren't any seasons? imagine the same day over and over only changed by how we are feeling that day. with absolutely no influence either positive, negative, or indifferent by the ever changing weather or the turning leaves or the sense of renewal and rebirth or conversely of the cold and the darkness, of closing up and looking in?

it would be like living in stasis.

or phoenix.


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