Tuesday, August 12, 2008

basketball jones.

so as you can see, i've taken another picture of my morning coffee. this is simply to illustrate something i recently found out about photography.

did you know that when you take a picture of coffee with cream, even a little cream, the color of the coffee ends up looking like watered down hot chocolate? which can be illustrated by yesterday's photo. which is my morning coffee with very little cream and no sugar.

so if you think about it, when you see pictures of coffee in a cup, they are nearly always of straight black coffee. which just looks better regardless of how you take your coffee and screams "cuppa joe!"

it's kinda like when i found out they use watered down glue for pouring milk shots in commercials because it looks more "milky" than regular milk.

and now lets all let out a collective "huh."

all right, moving right along. i'm supposed to be at yoga. but i hurt my shoulder playing basketball yesterday and have to take the day off. bummer. yoga, oddly enough, has become my "thing."

and when i say i was playing basketball what i mean is i was shooting hoops by myself. i try to "play" with the boybarians but inevitably the duke gets all agro and elbowy and grabby and shovey and then wingman gets goofy and the whole thing is just less like fun and exercise and more like another parenting challenge for the day.

and in case you are wondering, yes, i made the shot that hurt my shoulder. 3 points and a perfect swish, nothing but net. and no, it wasn't worth it.

so instead we started school early so we can leave the house at a reasonable time for some errands and visiting with friends before baseball tonight.

along those lines i will give you a "and this is why i love my job" moment from yesterday.

okay, i know i said we are just doing math and latin this month but it turns out wingman and i had some history to finish before we start the new book in september.

and yesterday we got to learn about siddhartha. and how he came to be buddha. and wingman was listening in his half interested half let's get this over with way until the end. until the end of the lesson when it is actually revealed that siddhartha is buddha when his eyes went wide and big and incredulous, and his head shot up from the arm rest of the couch.

"what? he's buddha? he was a guy? a real guy?"

and then he had that smile and that little chuckle he gets when he learns something new AND interesting and went to tell his papa all about it. just in case he didn't know. and then his brother. just in case he didn't know.

history coming to life is a priceless gift to a child. almost magical even.

and makes my job more than worth it.


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