Wednesday, August 06, 2008

the apple. the tree. not a far fall.

so on monday when the duke was starting his new latin book he encountered a review based on the vocabulary he learned in the two previous books.

"hey! this is a review and i have never seen this word before in my life!"

"maybe you've just forgotten it?"

"nope! i have a feeling i've been bruckheimered!"

in other news, i hope you are enjoying my poppy pictures because besides the lavender (that thrives on benign neglect so i'm not sure it counts)the poppies are the only show in town. i am a hopeless gardener, no wait, i'm not hopeless, but rather hopeful.

i've figured out the real problem is that my dirt sucks. all of it. even if i take the necessary steps towards being a passable green thumb, my dirt ultimately thwarts those efforts.

at some point i'm going to have to remedy this situation. story of my life.

compost? steer manure? take all the dirt out and replace it? who knows.

BUT, in the meantime, california golden poppies apparently thrive in poor soil. they love it! and if they can grow on the side of freeways and in vacant busted concrete lots then they can grow in my soil! right!

well, they weren't growing. they weren't blooming. they weren't doing anything.

and then, they did.

faith and patience. like anything else in life it's all about faith and patience.

and failing that, a healthy layer of bull shit never hurts.


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