Wednesday, September 03, 2008

sarah palin is the new trainwreck. evil genius is the new black.

(i removed the photo because it occurred to me that not everyone would understand that it was a fake.)

okay, so i was hanging laundry, drinking wine, being irritated.

every day since i woke up friday morning to sarah palin i've gotten just a little bit more irritated.

why in the SAM HELL sarah palin!?!

there is so much wrong with her! SO MUCH!

AND someone we can't even campaign against!!!

with all the family stuff and the messiness and the woman thing and the this and that and then a bit more of this, NO ONE WILL TOUCH HER! NO ONE!

she's not ready to be VP let alone president. she says she threw out the good ol' boys in her state but she IS the good ol' boys. she has zero foreign policy, a belly full of pork, ethics investigations, and threatens people with their jobs if they don't side with her.

she once even threatened to fire a librarian because the librarian wouldn't remove the "obscene" books from the library. a librarian!

she is a trainwreck and she hasn't even left the station! she's her own walking advertisement of what NOT to do! does she not get that the information, ALL OF IT IS OUT THERE! does she not get that EVERY LAST skeleton, picture, and e-mail about her and her family will be available to EVERY LAST person in america! does she even care?

supporting bridge to nowhere and then misappropriating the funds and then spinning the whole thing when you get picked to run for VP = whatever government pork and flip flops are selling for that week.

selling your family down the river for political gain = priceless

why did he pick her!!!

aaaaannnnnnddddd, that's when i got it and could actually hear the greedy little hands rubbing together

"i love it when a plan comes together!"

fuckin' mccain picked THE ONE CANDIDATE that could rally some, abhor others, but is sssssssooooooo messy no one can go after her without looking like a hard assed bastard.

and mccain?

poooooor mccain! had NO idea his pick was so messy. NO idea of the family troubles. so LITTLE vetting. ppppoooor mccain couldn't have crazy old lieberman because the republican constituents wouldn't allow that in a million years, FORCED to pick someone else, so he did a "good thing", a "maverick thing" by picking palin and NOW JUST look at the mess he's in. ppppoooor mccain just. didn't. know.

BUT WAIT! he's standing by her. and so is his wife and this conservative group and that and on and on and on. they are all going on and on and on about what a great pick it was and how sarah palin will be a great thing for this country. oh yeah, and she has some issues. but who doesn't?

um. right. when you've got the "morality" at all costs driven conservatives not saying a word and telling everyone it's none of our business, and acting like we should be proud of her how she is handling it all, then you know it's bad.

and john mccain supports her 100% and stands by her record and defends her right to her family privacy, even though she's practically waving it in our faces just waiting for someone to say something.

what a guy! standing by the troubled girl!

and there you have it.

a manufactured cuckold arrangement for the sole sake of garnering votes.

and she's pretty. and can turn on a political dime to appease the masses and do it well. it doesn't matter she doesn't know what in the hell she's talking about.

she talks a good game and looks good doing it.

so noble to keep the chin up for her family. so noble to "withstand" so much of the "unfair" media scrutiny into her "private life." holding strong and steadfast for her family, for this nation.

john mccain, the upstanding guy who will "do the right thing" and sarah palin, the troubled girl with the heart of gold.

what a story!

unfortunately, john hughes did it first. i'm sure disney perfected it.

fortunately, the formula is already there and now all the republicans have to do is repackage it for the times.

all along we knew. all along there was the "they are evil but not stupid" sentiment, and now we know that's true.

no one can touch biden. his record, his life, his kids, his speaking abilities, his intellect, his EVERYMAN FROM THE WORKING CLASS persona, and he can debate with the best of them.

no one can touch him.

and now, the republicans, for the very worst reasons, have one of their own.

it's time for those 18 million glass cracks to come shattering down.


i say hillary throws caution to the wind for once. takes down the road map that has so ultimately disappointed her in the end and has more importantly, not allowed her to EVER get angry, or get even, or have a lick of fun in the better part of three decades.

i say hillary throws off the pantsuit and gloves up. i say she takes this woman to task like no one else would.

SCREW the possible judicial seat, or diplomatic appointment, or whatever.

because we all know she's not getting shit. not now. not then. not ever.

and besides, it doesn't matter what you give her because she will never get what she really wanted and what she had to sacrifice and fight for all this time.

i say she says ENOUGH!!! and goes after the very idea of palin and the sheer stupidity of it as even a notion, the sheer lunacy of it all as even a notion, and exposes the party, their candidates, and their constituency for all they aren't worth.

she needs to shout from the rooftops, better yet the network couches, and let everyone know that the emperor is indeed not wearing a thing and anyone who says different is selling something and the people buying are a bunch of idiots.

someone has to say something.

because this is just too, too, much.

the only strength people like that have is in the rest of everybody else having too much fear to speak up. fear of back lash. fear of exposure.

fear of saying what every one else is thinking and too scared to say because it would be too easy.

and it would be mean. boo hoo.

and i think mccain and his campaign picked their vp based exactly on that premise.

evil genius is the new black.

sick hillary on her and let's finally get somewhere.


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gojirama said...

No, I think we can campaign against her, her record speaks for her.