Friday, September 05, 2008

well, that was exhausting.

i watched all the democratic speeches and all the republican speeches and all the rhetoric and tabloidy news in between.

and i came away with more than a few things, but i've boiled it down and i'd like to share them with you.

the republicans scare me.

big surprise.

their whole message was one of attack. there was no policy and nothing about what they could do for the average american person. just attack attack attack.

i was sad to see giuliani being so bitchy. he's never been a favorite of mine, but i think he sunk to a new low in his speech.

palin is a mean girl. period.

she's smug and snarky. and not in a good way. and how dare she call out obama on anything. who in the hell does she think she is?

and that creepy smile and the way she crinkles her nose? plus she's a teeth licker. not to be trusted.

in fact, she reminds me of dolores umbridge from the harry potter books and movies.

i have a LOT more to say about her, but i think there isn't anything i can say that hasn't been said already. but i will say this, she scares me. she scares me because she thinks she has something that puts her in a special spot. that puts her in the "deserving" category. she scares me because she wants everyone to lay off her family, then she parades them in front of everyone and dares them to say a thing.

she's the girl that would leave her diary open on her bed and go to the kitchen to get you a snack and leave you alone in her room. she's the girl that would dare you to, lead you to it, and then rip you to shreds when you fall for it.

i know girls like her. and i don't like girls like her.

and i don't get this whole "oh, you're just afraid of a strong woman."

she's not a strong woman. she's a mean girl. she's no better than the 16 year old bitch in high school who everyone wants to be friends with but is secretly afraid of.

i say just keep letting out the rope and she'll eventually do herself in.

what saddened me most was john mccain. he's always been very reticent to even discuss his POW experience, much less trot it out for political gain. and yet, last night, he did just that.

in great detail and more than we had ever heard before, he packaged his most personal challenge for prime time and sold out right in front of us. and as he was speaking, telling the stories, reliving it for all of us, you could just see how much it cost him. how much he was giving away hoping for greater return.

it was truly heartbreaking to watch. he is not his own man anymore. last night was his "divorce" from the republican party in terms of where he's aligning his campaign, but it certainly doesn't mean he's in charge of his destination anymore.

someone convinced him that talking about his POW experience would be a "good idea" and that someone was wrong.

moving right along, i cried at all the democratic speeches because well, i cry at everything. and they're always so full of hope and a climb every mountain thread of rhetoric.

i like that. plus, again, i cry at everything.

bill clinton is still a great speaker. it was nice to hear from al gore, he's looking less bloated these days and is doing far better than everyone else from the old days is. of course i loved hillary's speech and i'm glad from all her color choices she chose the orange pantsuit. whew.

joe biden made me cry. i really like him, but then i would.

obama did less of the big old speech givin' and toned it down and layed down a lot of policy. i know some were dissapointed, they wanted the big old speech, but i suspect he did it the way he did to appeal to the undecided, the stubborn holdouts from the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits, and the racists.

and now we wait.

in the meantime if you are not registered to vote for whatever reason, go register. or you've moved recently, or your county, state, city has changed voting rules, regulations, etc, check it out and make sure you're up on the changes and ready for election day.

don't let them tell you different, every. vote. counts.

and i don't give a rat's ass who you're gonna vote for (well, actually i do) just vote.

i'd really like to finally see what this country can do if the majority of us are putting in our 2 cents!

and that's my 2 cents.

i wish you all a fabulous weekend!

and now, here are some pretty boats.


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