Tuesday, September 25, 2007

time. wise.

there's so much going on here.

the lord of the ring and i are realizing that the house we live in resembles a yard sale on the best day.

we are seeking to change this. at great financial and timewise cost. mostly timewise and hell it's a big chunka time and energy to look like you don't live in a perpetual yard sale.

but there are other things.

educating my children is HUGE timewise. what they need and what i want them to know is so much of our day.

i need to do this. i want to do this. my children need this. they deserve this.

but it's difficult at times. my time split. and that split doesn't favor in my direction.

and if day to day living and homeschooling isn't enough, i want to write, and work out, and take a day with the kids that doesn't involve any of the above, and like any other busy family in this world the devil is in the details.

and speaking of which...then there is the state of our nation's leadership...oy. where do you begin? and how do you stop once you start?

it's not a huge time sucker, this worrying over our government, but it's there...and in the moments i'm not doing a million other things or worrying over a million other things i wonder what in the fuck our president is thinking!

seriously, does he just not. know. or is it all some clever plot to drive this country so far into the ground that the democrats will start off with such a mess when they take office they'll never be able to turn this boat around?

the following is a song by pink and the indigo girls...some questions for our president...

(if you're at work tread lightly, it's a youtube video)


i love my country. i am a patriot and always have been.

but i am tired of living in a country i have to be afraid of waking up in because of who is in charge.

but it could be worse.


i could be waking up in a country that has our government in charge. without the freedom of being able to be openly and vocally and unquestionably afraid.

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shannon said...

Thank you verra much!