Thursday, September 13, 2007

same manufacturer, vastly different functions.

scenes from breakfast.

wingman, WITHOUT BEING ASKED and WITHOUT EVER HAVING DONE IT BEFORE, is unloading our dishwasher from top to bottom...every. single. last. its exact location.

i say nothing. i do not want to disturb the magic.

meanwhile the duke is sitting at the table, quietly eating his breakfast, thoughtfully chewing and looking out into space.

after awhile, noticing nothing of the miracle happening around him he asks

"mama. do you think vegetarians eat animal crackers?"

in other news there is no other news except i'm too busy to be here and late already.

enjoy your thursday!



Kellan Rhodes said...

I love that animal cracker question (cute, cute, cute)! What did you answer?

x. said...

"i don't know. why don't you ask a vegetarian?"

really, do vegetarians eat animal crackers? 10 year old philosophy isn't so far ahead of adult philosophy. or adults don't really mature much past the age of 10.