Friday, September 07, 2007

good lord i may have found my people.

after 5 years sailing this wine dark sea largely alone except for any doubts and fears and of course the boybarians, i have finally found my homeschooling people out here.

a whole friggin' group of them.

and lo and behold, like any other group worth being a part of, they splintered off from the *original* group.

the boybarians made some friends, it's a regular get together with a cool activity each time plus ample hang out time, and a fair amount of interesting field trips too...

the moms were interesting and irreverent and snarky and cool...i could imagine inviting them over and not wincing the whole time they were in my house waiting for them to leave.

and trying not to watch them wince the whole time waiting to just be able to get the hell out of there.

it took me forever, but i finally found them...this changes A LOT about us being homeschoolers here...

i am so thankful.

i knew it was my group when we walked in and the only person we saw at first was a 10 year old girl who greeted us and right off the bat showed us her beloved shot glass collection.

their activity yesterday was show and that's why this girl was carting around a boot box full of gaudy shot glasses from all over the country...

and when it was her turn she told us all about her shot glass collection and where each glass came from and all that...then of course it's my kid who raises his hand to ask if she drinks out of them, and if so, what does she drink out of them...

the boybarians know shot glasses aren't just for collecting.

and yes, she drinks water out of them.

so there you have it.

sillymortalmama meets some new people and lives through it and even enjoys it.


well, that's enough excitement for one week...hell, a month.

so i leave you to your weekend and remind you that you are never too old to make a new friend.


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