Tuesday, June 09, 2009

what is the five year blog anniversary? paper? wood? liquor?

today i have been blogging for 5 years.

i'm not sure what that means other than for 5 years on a semi regular basis i have come to this computer and written something. so that's good. right? i mean i always wrote before, but it wasn't very semi regularly and included a lot of really. bad. poetry.

anyway, to mark this auspicious occasion i will throw out 5 things you don't know about me. or maybe you do, but have tried to forget. or don't think they're very interesting. or just don't really care.

1. when i was a young teenager i applied for and was invited to participate in the "miss teenage california" pageant. which is just hilarious in and of itself, BUT more so when you figure that i am the least photogenic person i know (application included a photograph) and was not particularly beauty pageant material. by any stretch of the imagination. while i didn't have a horse face or anything like that, i was not what you might consider a raving beauty nor did i have really any talent whatsoever. in anything. or really even any control over my limbs.

2. i am missing a sinus cavity in my skull. where there should be a cavity there is just bone. which makes my head heavier than it should be.

3. i was once cavity searched on the border of texas and mexico for suspected drug smuggling.

4. i have done things in public that are illegal to do in public.

5. once i saved my own life.

so thanks for reading and hopefully my level of self absorption will continue to rise and keep the good times rolling.



sassysinglemom said...

thanks for a wonderful 5 years of entertainment, wisdom, friendship and for sharing a part (the best part) of you with me! Love ya, mean it....keep up the great work..how about a book?

x. said...

what a lovely compliment. thank you. how about a book indeed! ;)