Thursday, June 11, 2009

i just hope i don't have to squeeze into one of those super suits.

so i was coming out of the back room where we have a second bathroom and shower.

i closed the door, and of course in this house since we're here all. the. time. together. like. a. pack. of. bored. rabid. wolves, when anything remotely interesting happens, or anything at all happens, a crowd gathers and there's commentary. so wingman says

"why'd you shut the door?"

"papa's going to take a shower and he needs privacy. did you want to go in there?"


"well, he's naked so wait until he's done."

"um, that's a pleasant thought."

"there's nothing wrong with being naked."

"did you see him naked?"

"yeah. it's nothing i haven't seen before you know."

"oh, mama. that is a little too much information."

the snark doesn't fall far from the tree.

we need to get out more.

before we all go crazy.

before i eat my young.

before we go full on grey gardens. and the documentary crews arrive. and i pull the curtain down from the rod and pin it in a jaunty manner around my body and proclaim it "pretty."

in other news i got a book delivered to me as a gift yesterday. the UPS man drove up and hopped out and since he's new he confirmed the name.

"uh, X.L.C. Super. Mom?"

and sure enough, i kid you not, on the label, where the name goes, above the address, it read Xlc Super Mom.

and i said,

"oh yes. that's me"



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gerg said...

great post. My kids are totally opposite. They like to sit on my lap while i'm try to enjoy peicfullness of the royal thrown. What is even more embarrassing is when we have visitors and they open the door so my company know i'm still close by.