Wednesday, June 10, 2009

big phones and other things.

so my new phone came.

it's really big. and the screen is big. and the buttons are really really big.

in short, it is an old person's phone. the lord of the ring got me an old person's phone. which is what i asked for. exactly. but...

the duke says it looks like a big over sized car from the 50s. naturally.

the thing that saves it is the ringtone. which is pretty funky for an old person's phone.

and there is a secret part of me that likes to believe that only my phone came with that ringtone. that no one else's old person phone rings like that.

i believe it could happen.

in other news the duke played his last regular season game last night and they WON! oh my god they WON! against the team tied for the #1 spot! and by a healthy margin too! needless to say it was a great way to finish the season for the team in the very last spot in the league.

and i haven't seen the duke on the bench in weeks and weeks. :)

in other other news we're in the home stretch for school. we only do latin and math for june. well, for the duke it's latin, greek, french, and math. and while it's a shorter, fairly easy schedule i am sure ready for a FULL ON break. and i sure as hell know the boybarians are ready for a break, too.

but it's kinda funny because then we finish school for our time off and we're all elated and then by the second day we're all looking at each other like "now what?"

and then before you know it it's time to buy new school supplies and get back into the swing of things. and my kids are just as excited as kids who attend school outside of the home to get new school supplies. i think that part's universal. and i think they approach the start of the new year with the same mixture of excitement and dread, too.

but before all that we've got to get through all of this. not just school but the house and the beginning of the rest of our lives. june 2009 is turning out to be a very interesting month here at the big red house. so many balls in the air, so much going on. every day has the potential to hand deliver us a miracle and that's the feeling we wake up with and go to sleep with.

and it's exciting and it's scary and there's just not a damn thing we can do but sit and wait and know that it's gonna be what it is.

in the meantime there are kids to feed, and make to do chores, and ferry to baseball, and educate. there are still dishes and laundry to do, beds to make, a house to clean. the weeds still grow. the cats still need to get fed. the lawn mowed.

it's amazing how in the face of such an intense and BIG life happening that life just continues.

and i guess it's comforting. because it means that no matter what happens life will continue.

so i'll be patient. i am patient.

(though i don't mind telling you all i really am more than a little curious to see what it's about to look like)


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