Tuesday, October 14, 2008

we took a walk yesterday.

we saw a waterfall.

isn't this tree amazing?

now, this is a bit fuzzy, but look at the "trunk" of that/those tree(s). doesn't it look like a sculpture? i see a female form towards the bottom wrapped around another taller human form towards the top. very isadora duncan.

we also saw some big ass leaves! very jurassic.

it's nice to see flowers blooming in the dark of the forest in october, isn't it?

there was a japanese garden.

and a zen garden.

and a reflecting garden. do you see that red dot at the far end? that's wingman. hi, wingman!

this handsome fellow was enjoying the attention. did you know that trumpeter swans mate for life?

and this was at the end. very merchant and ivory.

and that's the end of our walk. it was quiet and amazing and beautiful. a delightful way to spend the last of the perfect fall days.

speaking of delightful, new wine blog tonight and this time we're headed to australia. ACE!


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Veloute said...

Oh, these are just *beautiful!*