Tuesday, July 29, 2008


so i got this little guy in the mail today! a little white chocolate mouse nestled in a box of EXQUISITE l.a. burdick handmade chocolates! a totally unexpected and totally appreciated belated birthday gift. yay! me!

i am not a big fan of sweets at all. in fact you will rarely see me eating desert or a treat or anything like that. even the stuff i make. and while i can appreciate chocolate, i'm not all crazy for it like a lot of women seem to be.

BUT, handmade chocolates i make an exception for. as someone who LOVES to cook and bake and especially to eat, i really can appreciate the time and effort and care that goes into creating chocolates of this caliber.

plus, instead of just being a hit of sweet, there are so many subtleties and layers and textures going on in high quality chocolates that make them that much more enjoyable.

for instance, the one i just chose to eat is a bon bon called the trinidad. "a baton of dark ganache with honey, carribean spices, and chopped hazelnuts"

hershey's it ain't.

i like the complexity of good chocolate. i like the idea of it. i like all the tastes wrapped up in a single piece. and i like that you can be eating chocolate and still not have that as the main focus. that it's just part of the whole.

anyhow, i am a lucky girl!

and, at this point, i am letting the boybarians each choose a piece. at. this. point. i say because i haven't decided exactly which pieces i am truly willing to part with.

in other sweet news, today wingman was regaling his brother and cousin with tales of his dreams last night. the first one i didn't quite get, but the second one went something like this

"mama was gone in las vegas. and when she was gone the color in the house was just normal. but when she came back the color turned all peachy orange"

now that's sweet.


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