Monday, July 28, 2008

bless the assholes because they need it more than anyone else.

some jackass took the note obama put in a crack in the wailing wall in jerusalem and published it.

i get the whole thing about being in the limelight and the hazards of such, how paparazzi works, the world's voracious appetite for titillation with their news.

but this is beyond the pale. this is such a violation of incomprehensible measures.

this offends me on so many levels.

i didn't read the article because i couldn't bear to be privy to his private thoughts/prayers. i cannot imagine. and it doesn't even matter what he wrote. god.

i have a wall in my yard. i gathered rocks from all around the property and built my own little wall. and when i don't know what else to do i go and sit in front of my wall and have my thoughts. occasionally i write my thoughts, prayers, etc. on a slip of paper and stick it in a crack.

i cannot tell you the peace and pleasure this brings me in the midst of really feeling like i need it.

i cannot tell you how awful it would be to have someone violate that by removing and reading what i've written.

i cannot imagine for one moment thinking it wouldn't be the most awful thing to take another person's private thoughts from where he cast them and putting it in your pocket for removal later when you publish it for the world to see.

i cannot imagine being that person. shame on him, and yet i'll still say a prayer for him because someone like that really. really. needs. it.

in other news, this is our last week of "vacation" before school starts. i may or may not have jury duty every day and it's supposed to rain all week. soooo, i'll let you know how that all pans out.

happy monday!


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