Thursday, July 24, 2008

the rookie.

so i went to a yoga class today.

can i tell you i haven't been to a yoga class since i took pre-natal yoga with the duke? and before that it had been years and it was only once or twice till i figured out yoga. was. not. for. me.

in my early twenties as a wanna be rrriot grrrl yoga was just not my thing. give me kick boxing or weight lifting or bicycling or dancing on a speaker at a club. yoga was too. darned. slow. and everybody in the big city across the pond where i lived was too darned. oovey. groovey. and soft spoken and all zen.


then when i was pregnant with the duke it was great. it got me out of the house and moving and feeling like i was doing a great service to my growing baby. then the instructor took a different class and a new instructor took ours. on the first day she had us all stand in a circle and use a yoga pose or dance move or any kind of movement to "express how we were feeling right then"

good. god.

i am sure i don't have to tell you how incredibly awful this was for someone of my temperament and curmudgeoness (yes, even at that tender young age. if you start young you can hone it to a perfection before you get too old to really enjoy it) to be put through this exercise. and i was a former dancer! 5 years of modern dance (don't laugh) and 2 years of ballet!

so she gets to me and my arms are crossed.

"so i guess, you're um, feeling.. closed?"

sure. yeah. "closed." if that's what you have to tell yourself yogagirl.

i suppose there was a better way to express exactly what i was feeling, but i am, if nothing else, a lady.

needless to say, but of course i will anyway, i never went back.

through the years i've done some yoga tapes at home (remember video tapes?) and some pilates at home, with the ball and bands and weights even (thanks to last year's foray into physical therapy) and found that here and there i really enjoyed it.

so recently i decided that while gardening and walking and what not was doing my body good, i needed to get out and really stretch my body, do something more consistent, and maybe perhaps gain a little peace and a smaller ass.

i wanted to do pilates, but there's only one place close to me and ALL their classes start at like 11. since school is starting back i needed something earlier, before the school day started.

so i found a yoga class at the local community center 10 minutes from my house that starts at 8:10a.m.

and you know, because it's me, of course nothing can ever just be normal. or regular.

no, it's me and 8 old people. oh, sure, most of them are in better shape than i am, but still, they're seriously old. a couple of old men the rest women who had been obviously taking the class a long while together.

the duke asked me when i got home and explained the class to him

"did they call you rookie?"

and then he walked away snickering.

whatever. laugh now mr. bones. i used to be your size. just wait.

anyhow, and the best part is, the teacher. good lord i've never seen a person less like a yoga teacher and more like a truck stop waitress. a dilapidated truck stop that has seen better days and the waitress, better men. and i can't be sure, but i think she had a smoker's gravel to her voice.

no matter. it turned out to be a fine class. it worked me more than i thought, and i felt really good about my ability and my endurance. of course it helps that i was the only person in the class not present for the unveiling of the wheel. but, i'm not complaining. i could seriously kick some yoga ass in this class!

so, i'll go back. it doesn't matter about the make-up of the class or the weird teacher, it provided what i need for right now. it's close to my house, it's just the right time, it's 32 bucks a month for twice weekly sessions (score!), and it's just the right speed for easing back into making my body do what it craves, but doesn't necessarily want to do.

and honestly, though i'm making fun of my classmates, you really never know who will become a new friend.

and who knows, maybe i'll love it become all zen.

every day is a new day, people. a chance to start over, to make a new friend, to find something you love to do.

even if you're a rookie.

especially if you're a rookie.


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